Velvet Blues Update URLs

If you move your WordPress website to a new domain name, you will find that internal links to pages and references to images are not updated. Instead, these links and references will point to your old domain name. This plugin fixes that problem by helping you change old urls and links in your website. Features: … Continued

Noindex,follow always added to head

I came across a scenario when I was debugging a website recently in that the header contained the Noindex,follow tag no matter what optiosn were selected in the WordPress admin area. This is because of Disallow indexing plugin included. It’s a must use plugin that get’s installed when you install bedrock. If you change the environment … Continued

Writing Code in Your WordPress Posts

To set your code aside so that it looks like a box of code which may be copied and pasted within other code or template file, you can use the <pre> HTML tag. The <pre> tag instructs the browser to use a monospaced font, but to exactly reproduce whatever is inside of the <pre> tags. Every space, line break, every bit of code … Continued

ACF Pro Composer Install

When installing Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro via composer I was getting the following error: “The requested package advanced-custom-fields/advanced-custom-fields-pro could not be found in any version, there may be a typo in the package name.” To resolve this I had to add a custom repository to my composer.json file in the repositories section: { “type”: … Continued

Crontab Template

I’ve been using the following as my template to start cron files: # .—————- minute (0 – 59) # | .————- hour (0 – 23) # | | .———- day of month (1 – 31) # | | | .——- month (1 – 12) OR jan,feb,mar,apr … # | | | | .—- day of … Continued

Amazon SES SSL Hostname

I use Amazon SES 99% of the time to relay emails from online platforms and WordPress sites; with WordPress in particular I have been using the Easy Wp SMTP plugin. Most of the time it is never a problem using the standard SMTP details you are provided with from Amazon SES, but in some cases … Continued

Sage theme install

Installing Sage Based on our previous article How to install Bedrock, a WordPress boilerplate you will have a WordPress site up an running. We will now be building our template to control the layout of our site. # Change directory to our themes folder $ cd /var/www/ Install Sage using Composer from your WordPress themes directory … Continued

How to install Bedrock, a WordPress boilerplate

What is Bedrock? Developed by, Bedrock is a WordPress boilerplate used to help organize your WordPress project, structure configuration files, and manage plugins with Composer. Working as part of a team it has enabled us to maintain a standard structure for all our newly deployed WordPress sites. The organization of Bedrock is similar to … Continued

Why create this site a decade after becoming a Web Developer?

Ever since day one of becoming a website developer I have always had a personal website in one form or another, but its always taken the back seat and I’ve lost count how many of those sites have never gone live or even been finished. However, over the last few months I have been working … Continued